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Declarative UX Streaming Data Language
{DUXSDL:Declarative UX Streaming Data Language}

An open source SQL Server/Hadoop Based  Real-Time Communications Service Project for the Cloud

See our PowerPoint presentation draft:

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Quick Q&A

Question: Why are some folks listed here as a Developer "not really a developer" coding for the project.

Answer: CodePlex projects are usually ones that start when a developer starts coding. As a UX Designer and Developer, I believe in community involvement is key to being successful. So as part of the early design and feedback process I have "invited" a number of folks involved in both the "declarative markup community" and the "data sciences" community to take part in this stage of the design and development process.

Previous successful efforts to create a successful declarative markup language and language spec have required a great deal of community involvement and feedback.

Upon conception of this project I have felt it important and have asked those community leaders (in both Data Sciences and User Experience)  to be part of the feedback and requirements process. In a user centered design and development project they are also the "stakeholders" not just coders.

Because it is important that we fulfill their needs of both (as well), we need a "steering community" not just to be involved in this process of creating DUXSDL to make it successful..

We hope to offer a full first draft project spec by the end of October.. Faisal and DonBurnett are busy with "building community" around both the project and the functionality of this project so community adoption will not be a slow process.

Since this is a "design first" project for designers and developers both we want to be sure we are efficiently serving these communities as well with a project that they would support and use. So developers at this stage aren't necessarily people writing code but giving feedback and helping with the design process. I realize that this is not how most developers *USE* CodePlex but we believe it's key to this project's success.

Folks directly involved with coding the current project. If you want to add yourself to this list let us know we will be glad to have you on-board:


PS Thanks to Jay Wren for helping out as well as part of this process..

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